Local And Trusted Horse Farm In Fort Lauderdale

Are you looking for a family horse farm near you in Fort Lauderdale? Do you want to throw a horse party on your kid’s birthday? Need to book a horse farm for your family gathering or for a horse-themed picnic? Whatever the reasons are, we are here to help.

Family Horse Academy is a local, reliable and family-friendly horse farm in Fort Lauderdale offering excellent quality horseback riding lessons for both beginners and advanced riders. You can host your special events, like birthday parties, family gatherings, picnics, camps, painting workshops, etc. at our farm.

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Horseback Riding Lessons In Fort Lauderdale

We specialize in offering complete horseback riding lessons for both beginner and advanced riders in Fort Lauderdale. Along with horses, you will find many other farm animals, including bunnies, sheeps, goats, cats, and parakeets at our farm.

We take pride in offering horse riding lessons for all riding levels. From the basic level to the advanced level, our experts will provide the proper horse-riding lessons that help your child to achieve his/her goals. At Family Horse Academy, we offer a variety of horseback riding lesson packages for individuals and groups. Whenever you want to enjoy memorable horse riding in Fort Lauderdale, Please contact us.

Parties, camps, and workshops In Fort Lauderdale

Are you looking for a venue where you can organize a party for your friends and families? Want to get in touch with a reliable camping service provider who can provide a positive camping experience to your kids? Look no further than us. Family Horse Academy is Fort Lauderdale’s most reputed and family-friendly horse farm offering services and facilities to our guests. From animal-themed parties to family get together and camp arrangements for animal educational programmes to picnics, you can host any of your special events at our farm.

We are committed to offering excellent services to our clients at competitive rates. At Family Horse Academy, we help children develop concepts regarding the language arts, mathematics, science, cultural arts, social studies, etc. in our workshops. We have a team of professionals who strive to offer a supportive and nurturing environment in which kids enjoy challenges and success. Call us or contact us, whenever you need our support.

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Other events

When it comes to choosing a venue for photoshoots, painting workshops, music classes, or picnics, we can provide you with the best services and facilities at competitive rates. With our passion for event planning, we can make your event successful and memorable.

At Family Horse Academy, our professionals are experienced, trained and supportive. They always strive to make our guests comfortable. With years of experience in this field, we can make your events memorable. Whether you want to rent a horse for photoshoots, or you want to enjoy horse cart driving, we can help you to make your experience enjoyable.

Petting Zoo Near Me

Are you looking for a petting zoo near you in Fort Lauderdale? Want to get a petting farm experience with your family or friends? Rely on us. We are your local and trusted horse farm offering excellent petting farm experience to our clients in Fort Lauderdale.

At our petting zoo, you will encounter some animals, like bunnies, goats and sheeps, parakeets, and cats. At here, you kids can play with our animals and enjoy the day. So, don’t waste your time and get in touch with us now.

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